episode 3

Crina and Kirsten dish on all things related to women and work. Through engaging conversations and witty banter, they will inspire you to seize your power and create meaningful, joyous, fun and rewarding work in their business podcast. While exploring motivational podcast topics such as authenticity, shitty bosses, friends and negotiation, Crina and Kirsten lift up women and show the patriarchy “the hand” and “the finger”.

Crina Hoyer draws from over 25 years of leadership experience. When she’s not riding her bike or researching topics for the podcast she runs a consulting firm that provides strategic advice and personalized support to executives of non profit and for profit enterprises.

Kirsten Barron is an employment and business attorney. Her work, her clients, colleagues and friends and too many volunteer gigs have provided her with a wealth of stories and experience–watch out!

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32. Navigating Change and Transitions Pt. 2

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