a motivational podcast about women & work

Episode No. 120
  •  September 7, 2023
Women are held to unreasonable standards of behavior; penalized for being too much while at the same time told that we're not enough; judged for being moms (or not); and often pit ourselves against each other. Yikes! Surely there's something we can do!
Episode No. 119
August 24, 2023

Our Final Rerun of the Summer!

A key to time management is learning how to say, “no.” Join us in this final rerun of the summer and revisit time management, how your values dictate your priorities, and when to say, “no!" 
Episode No. 118
August 9, 2023
Our minds and bodies need rest from things like mental stimulation, social encounters, creative endeavors and emotional outputs. Taking time to truly rest your mind, body and soul is the ultimate self care regiment and a direct line to ease, meaning and joy at work, and in life
Episode No. 117
July 26, 2023

...It (still) Requires That You Crush the Patriarchy

Caring for yourself is not self-indulgent, it's essential to your well-being. Regardless of what you're told by the patriarchy, self-care is a way of life, not a product you can buy.

Meet Your Hosts

Crina Hoyer

Crina draws from over 25 years of leadership experience. When she’s not riding her bike or researching topics for the podcast she runs a consulting firm that provides strategic advice and personalized support to executives of non profit and for profit enterprises.

Kirsten Barron

Kirsten is an employment and business attorney. Her work, her clients, colleagues and friends and too many volunteer gigs have provided her with a wealth of stories and experience–watch out!