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Episode No. 134
  •  February 15, 2024

It Might Just Love You Back

Love and work collide as hosts Crina and Kirsten explore how to infuse our work with love. From expressing love through our tasks to cultivating a service mindset and practicing generosity, this episode serves up a recipe for success that's as fulfilling as it is rewarding. Let's bring more love into how we do our work! 
Episode No. 131
February 1, 2024

Creating a Culture of Connection at Work

Social capital is an essential element for creating a harmonious and thriving workplace experience. Discover how building trust, fostering collaboration, and valuing others' expertise can lead to lower turnover, improved performance, and increased innovation.
Episode No. 130
January 18, 2024

Unlocking Three Elements of a Fulfilling Life

Forget about constant happiness, it's all about finding enjoyment, satisfaction, and meaning. Get ready to navigate through the complexities of the human experience with insights from Arthur Brooks and Oprah Winfrey.
Episode No. 129
January 4, 2024

Reflections and Plans for 2024

In this special New Year's episode, we reflect on the past year and discuss our plans for 2024 as we continue to pursue EASE, MEANING and JOY! 

Meet Your Hosts

Crina Hoyer

Crina draws from over 25 years of leadership experience. When she’s not riding her bike or researching topics for the podcast she runs a consulting firm that provides strategic advice and personalized support to executives of non profit and for profit enterprises.

Kirsten Barron

Kirsten is an employment and business attorney. Her work, her clients, colleagues and friends and too many volunteer gigs have provided her with a wealth of stories and experience–watch out!