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89. How Sisterhood, Sexuality and Civil Disobedience Set the Stage for Gender Equity in Iceland

Iceland’s First Lady, Eliza Reid’s recent book, The Sprakar: Iceland’s Extraordinary Women, inspired this timely exploration of the policies, strategies and approaches Iceland has used to achieve its first...

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88. Toxic Coworkers: Removal, Remediation and Containment

We all know ‘em when we see ‘em. They’re passive aggressive, short/curt, rude co-workers, lacking self-awareness with narcissistic tendencies who do not take responsibility, may gaslight us, take credit...

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87. When ‘Blah’ Is As Good As It Gets, You Might Be Languishing

When you describe your mood as “blah,” “meh,” “decent, but not great,” you might be LANGUISHING, which can dampen your mood, impact your work and conflict with your ability...

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