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Episode No. 107
  •  March 9, 2023

Creativity Improves Your Mood, and Your Job!

Creative activities such as painting, writing, drawing wood-working, playing music, cooking and landscaping will make you healthier, reduce stress, help you problem solve and boost your happiness. Creativity also appears to make you more generous toward others and easier to be around! 
Episode No. 106
February 23, 2023

How To Spot 'em and How To Deal

Entitlement is an excessive self-regard and a belief in the automatic right to certain, usually privileged, treatment…hmmm…who does that remind you of?  
Episode No. 105
February 8, 2023

They Matter More Than You Think!

Don’t mornings mean hitting the snooze and leaping out of bed at the last minute?! Of course, and that is what 69% of us do.  But, how you start the day influences your well being, mood, mindset and productivity for the rest of the day.
Episode No. 104
January 25, 2023

Settle Down, Sister!

When you are overwhelmed, you are experiencing intense emotions you don’t have the capacity to fully manage or process. Most people are overwhelmed by negative emotions, like anxiety, fear, anger or shame. These feelings leave little room to figure out what is the next best step.  When we are overwhelmed, performing every-day tasks is difficult - and it compromises our ability to act rationally, remember things, solve problems or think. 

Meet Your Hosts

Crina Hoyer

Crina draws from over 25 years of leadership experience. When she’s not riding her bike or researching topics for the podcast she runs a consulting firm that provides strategic advice and personalized support to executives of non profit and for profit enterprises.

Kirsten Barron

Kirsten is an employment and business attorney. Her work, her clients, colleagues and friends and too many volunteer gigs have provided her with a wealth of stories and experience–watch out!