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71. Burnout

Burnout feels like depletion, exhaustion, disconnection, negative emotions and reduced capacity…sound familiar?  You’re not alone! In fact burnout is so pervasive that over seventy-five percent of the workforce is...

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70. When Is It Good Enough? Toxic Perfectionism at Work.

While “perfect,” is an unattainable standard, many people struggle to accept the inevitable: that striving for the impossible goal of perfection leads to stress, burnout, sickness and feelings of...

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69. Thinking About Calling It Quits? Join the Club!

The entire workforce is changing, right before our eyes. As millions of workers are leaving their jobs every month, employers are facing tough questions about how to attract and...

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Turns out that by focusing on something that brings you joy for at least 60 seconds, you can calm your mind, improve your mood and find your center. While we all try to navigate the most confusing, frustrating and possibly frightening time of our lives, these little things give our brains a reprieve.

Check out our most recent podcast episode, which is all about managing conflict, disagreements and differences, wherever you get your pods. And then try taking a 60-second break to trigger happiness BEFORE you engage in a disagreement.

Let us know if it works!

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