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51. Women’s Work, Part 1: Thanks A Lot, COVID!

Women, work and COVID 19 adds up to a whole lot of frustration, lost wages and lost jobs. It has also exacerbated systemic issues that women have been dealing...

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50. What Are Your Intentions?

Each one of us will be someone different at the end of this year and we can influence what we become – healthier, more peaceful, kinder, richer or whatever...

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49. Holidazed and Confused

December is either a magical, mystical month or humans are so tired of the cold and dark that we have evented no less than 40 sacred or secular celebrations...

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Turns out that by focusing on something that brings you joy for at least 60 seconds, you can calm your mind, improve your mood and find your center. While we all try to navigate the most confusing, frustrating and possibly frightening time of our lives, these little things give our brains a reprieve.

Check out our most recent podcast episode, which is all about managing conflict, disagreements and differences, wherever you get your pods. And then try taking a 60-second break to trigger happiness BEFORE you engage in a disagreement.

Let us know if it works!

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We have a single mission: to help women find joy, meaning and ease at work and in life! Our show is by working women, for working women!

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