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74. Workplace Norms: What’s “Normal” in the Workplace, anyway?

Workplace norms are those rules, behaviors and ways of going that define how we work together.  When teams discuss and define their norms, they create safe workplaces for folks...

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73. Empathy: Cultivating Compassion at Work

Cultivating an empathetic workplace is all the rage, but how do we do it? It begins with a commitment to ensure that empathy is baked into your workplace culture....

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72. The “Good Enough” Job

Is your job your singular focus or simply a way to fund your passion? Is your career the thing that defines you, or do you identify as something different…something...

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Turns out that by focusing on something that brings you joy for at least 60 seconds, you can calm your mind, improve your mood and find your center. While we all try to navigate the most confusing, frustrating and possibly frightening time of our lives, these little things give our brains a reprieve.

Check out our most recent podcast episode, which is all about managing conflict, disagreements and differences, wherever you get your pods. And then try taking a 60-second break to trigger happiness BEFORE you engage in a disagreement.

Let us know if it works!

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