27. Confessions of a 9-to-5 Racist

While many people see racism as intentional and overt, it is actually woven into the fabric of our daily lives. Well-meaning people perpetuate systems, policies and structures that are designed to benefit white people and discriminate against people of color. Check out this episode to hear how Crina and Kirsten have confronted their own racism and the racist systems that they are a part of.


Our co-hosts are tackling a big, ugly problem – maybe the biggest – racism in the workplace.  Before you listen – trust their intentions. This is an important topic and they are pushing themselves to talk about it – and making themselves more vulnerable than usual.  They do not have all of the answers and probably get lots wrong, but it would be way worse to not talk about it. So hold tight and bear with our gals.

This show is for people who acknowledge that racism exists – our dynamic duo is not out to convince anyone about anything, but just to get us all thinking about these issues.

Crina starts with a discussion of the nomenclature of racism – institutional, system and structural racism.  It helps to define what we are talking about so we can better understand it. Just like men sometimes do not recognize the patriarchy, white people sometimes do not recognize white privilege.  

Kirsten digs into the data about race and jobs and advancement in the workplace – as she loves to do.

Crina shares stories from her executive director days that are candid and revealing as to how this really happens and plays itself out in the workplace.

Crina and Kirsten hope you leave the show with more awareness and curiosity and less defensiveness – and that it leads to less suffering from racism and enjoying the riches of diversity.

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