45. Mentorship with Special Guest, Cheryl Strayed!

In this episode of Crina and Kirsten Get to Work, our hosts welcome the amazing and fabulous Cheryl Strayed to discuss mentorship, writing, women, work and so much more!  Cheryl is a wonderful mentor to so many – through her writing, through her workshops, through her podcasts, through her public speaking – and if that is not enough – through her own personal relationships.  Listeners, our twosome really delivered with this one.  

Crina, Kirsten and Cheryl discuss the importance of mentorship, how you find a mentor and what to do when you cannot, what happens when mentorship goes bad and how mentorship enriches both the mentor and the mentee.  And really – Cheryl would be interesting regardless of what she talked about, but her thoughts on mentorship are fun and interesting – and big-hearted.


Photo of Crina and Kirsten by Lemon Wing Photography

Photo of Cheryl Strayed by Jennie Baker