Episode No. 81
  •  March 10, 2022

Hack Your Job!

Job Hack Podcast

Workplace hacks can help you streamline your tasks, maximize your work space, adjust your attitude and even control your co-workers (just kidding!). Best of all, these tips and tools can get you closer to ease, meaning, and joy!  


On this episode of Crina and Kirsten Get to Work our duo discusses workplace hack – just those little and big things to make your work day easier and make way for meaning and joy.

Crina and Kirsten cover hacks for your body – everything from water to rescue remedy gum to the shelf stable lentils in your desk drawer.  Our gals cover hacks for your sanity – particularly necessary when 9 out of 10 workers report that workplace stress impacts their mental health and 4 out of 5 employees report feeling emotionally drained from their work.  The brain hacks involve getting outside, listening to music, finding 10 minutes to stare into space or look at pictures of puppies (it really works!).

And for those of us behind a computer – one study reported that a survey of office workers reported an average of 6.5 hours behind their computers – there are also some hacks about drafting emails, setting your automatic response and getting those groovy glasses.

And of course our hosts provide some productivity hacks – because we want to get it done so we can get to the things that most matter.  Kirsten says to eat the big, hairy frog first – in other words – do the hard thing you do not want to do first.  Hacks such as rewarding yourself when you get through a task, prepping for Monday on Friday (or Sunday if you are like Kirsten) and really working on not multitasking.  

Crina and Kirsten suggest hacking your workplace environment – everything from whiteboard wallpaper to noise canceling headphones to plants in your workspace.  65% of workers report it is difficult to concentrate due to their work environment.  If we can make our workplace environment more pleasing – it allows us to concentrate more fully.

And of course the biggest hack of all in how to create more ease, meaning and joy in your workplace – JUST SAY NO.