Episode No. 98
  •  November 2, 2022

Belonging at Work

Honoring Our Own Experience and Engineering Each Other’s

When we talk about belonging at work, it means we feel seen for our unique contributions, connected to our coworkers, supported in our daily work and career development and proud of our organization’s values and purpose. When we feel a sense of belonging at work, we are more likely to stay, to be engaged, to be loyal, to be proud, to be better at our jobs and to experience psychological safety.


In this episode, our hosts consider what may be the most important element in creating ease, meaning and joy at work – belonging. Belonging is both external and internal. Dr. Geoffrey Cohen from Stanford says, “[w]e are the engineers of each other’s experience” Geoffrey Cohen from Stanford. Brené Brown says “[belonging] requires us to be who we are.” Belonging is the result of integration of these external and internal elements.

Thirty-four percent of people feel their greatest belonging at work — not family, not friends, but work. How do we create belonging at work? We revisit the paradox that we first spoke about — the internal and the external. What can we do as organizations and what can we do as individuals?

As individuals, we can work on our ability to show up in the workplace as we are – which as we know from Brené requires vulnerability and courage. We can then create alliances with a peer or supervisor who sees and values your contributions, we can engage in high quality interactions with our peers, we can look for and be courageous enough to enter into empathetic relationships with others.

As leaders and part of organizations, we can respect outside commitments, doster inclusive leadership, make our own connections, recognize work and its value, provide honest and regular feedback, respond to concerns, empower others, communicate openly and honestly, and show up as our authentic selves.


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