1: Do You Want to Be My Friend?

Having a friend at work is one of the most important ways to feel satisfied and supported at your job. Crina and Kirsten want you to invest in getting...

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2: The Real Deal: Authenticity in the Workplace

Can you bring your whole self to work? How much of the “real” you should you show to your coworkers. Join us as we explore the difference between authenticity...

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3: Are you engaged (at work)?

Are you one of the millions of workers who is disengaged at work? Do you spend more time shopping for shoes online, planning your next vacation or flirting with...

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4: Build a Women’s network!

In a world where who you know is even more important than what you know, it’s vital that you build a strong network. Learn about how Crina and Kirsten...

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5: It’s up to you, sister!

All women benefit when we support each other. This is especially true at work as women are demanding to be heard, competing for jobs, asking for promotions and battling...

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6: What is your professional mindset? Scarcity vs. Abundance in the workplace.

Your mindset determines your experience at work. When you encounter problems at work, do you feel stuck or do you feel like you have options? Are you constantly reacting...

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