Episode No. 117
  •  July 26, 2023


...It (still) Requires That You Crush the Patriarchy

This episode is #3 in our summer of rest, relaxation and (appropriately) encore episodes! We know you’ll love this rerun and find inspiration in our exploration of this very important topic!


Caring for yourself is not self-indulgent, it’s essential to your well-being. Regardless of what you’re told by the patriarchy, self-care is a way of life, not a product you can buy.Lets all remember the quote from poet and writer Audre Lord who writes, “Caring for myself is not self- indulgence. It is self preservation, and this is an act of political warfare.”

Crina and Kirsten talk about self-care from the Audre Lorde perspective. Not as a massage or a bottle of fancy bath bubbles, but as actions that put our needs before those of others to create practices that are restorative. Crina and Kirsten discuss their own restorative practices and how to create those so that you can bring your best self to all things, including your work.


The history of self-care

The problem with self-care