We just released our podcast about mentorship, featuring our very first special guest: Cheryl Strayed! Cheryl is a phenomenal writer, teacher and fellow podcaster. In this video, Kirsten shares inspiration from her experience with Cheryl and all of the mentors who have played a role in her life. Be sure to listen to the brand new episode here or wherever you get your pods.

Thanks to our fabulous listeners who have voted and for those who haven’t, get out there! If there is anything you care about, from equal pay to the economy to civil rights to lifting women up, your vote is your voice. And this election day is pretty special because for many women, it’s the hundredth anniversary of our right to vote.

As working moms start to juggle the unique combination of work and kids "attending" school, one thing is clear: This is not going to be easy! Instead of driving yourself crazy, I propose that we give ourselves and each other a major dose of compassion (and a lot of whiskey).

Covid-19 sucks, but the expectations we put on ourselves make it way worse. Join me in resisting the pressure to be the perfect worker, mom, wife, chef, teacher, gardener and homemaker. Instead, give yourself and your family a break.

Kirsten offers perspective on some unemployment, loans and financial relief options for workers and businesses.

On the heals of our podcast episodes on "Likability" and "Confidence," I've been doing a lot of thinking about how women behave at work. After a recent conversation with one of my clients, I realize that many women put other people ahead of themselves, in order to either be likable or avoid judgement, without even thinking about it!

Any day of the year is a good day to set your intentions, and certainly the first day of the year is as good as any! Kirsten shares her Plans and Word for 2020 and challenges you to consider what you will do with, as Mary Oliver says, your one precious, wild life.

On the heals of podcast episode 18, Crina and Kirsten ask you to join them in their quest to be positive and curious, rather than negative and upset! Our brains are programmed to assume the worst, but we can overcome! For the next week we're challenging our listeners to join us in trying to chance the way we interpret ambiguous communication. If you're going to make up a story about someone's intention, why to make up a positive story?

After releasing podcast episode #21 about loneliness at work, I did some additional research. It's staggering how many people struggle with these very real feelings.

In episode #20 of our podcast, we talk about the importance of self care. While some people may benefit from a spa day or a scented candle, most self-care experiences are deeper and more rich than a product can deliver. In fact solitude, exercise time outside and even gratitude are all part of a self-care regiment. For me, self care also involves taking the time to savor the good feelings I have, when I have them.

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How to lead like a girl.

How to say no.

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It's not always easy to be grateful.

Privilege on Sunday.

Complaining about your employer can reflect poorly on you.