17: Lead Like a Girl

Crina and Kirsten are kicking a gender bias to the curb and talking about how women make amazing leaders. In fact, according to a recent study, women score statistically higher than men in almost every single leadership characteristic.


Crina and Kirsten are both just back from fabulous adventures and share their amazing experiences with listeners before they launch into this shows meaty topic! Both women are deeply committed to leadership – fostering those talents and skills in themselves and others – especially women. 

This show is for EVERYONE. Our hosts believe we all lead from where we are. They discuss the leadership capabilities surveyed in a Harvard Business Review article by Jack Zenger and Joseph Folkman, Women Score Higher than Men in Most Leadership Skills. What a great backdrop – that women are perceived by their co-workers having the highest rated leadership capabilities – for us to discuss leadership qualities and consider which ones we have and which ones we want to develop in ourselves. 

Our hosts encourage each other and the listener to see themselves as a leader and to develop those capabilities. 


Research: Women Score Higher Than Men in Most Leadership Skills

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