16: Say, ‘No’ and Do Less

Time management is a practice. It takes vigilance and commitment to protect your valuable time from competing responsibilities. Check out this episode to hear how Crina and Kirsten approach their work and their commitments in their busy lives.


Following on the heels of episode 11, The Crushing Burden, Crina and Kirsten continue their exploration of the things we juggle as professional, working woman In this episode, Crina and Kirsten turn to the practical while exploring how they each manage their time, how their values dictate their priorities, and where they spend their time.

Kirsten checks in about her work to minimize her commitments while honoring her values. She talks about how she struggles to juggle responsibilities from her job, community, family and friends. Crina explores how her approach to time management is different from Kirsten’s and likely a product of her
willingness to say, “no.”

In addition to exploring their own styles, they also offer tips and tricks and strategies to help listeners get a grip on their own schedules. For instance, Kirsten recommends eating your big hairy frog first and Crina encourages listeners to choose themselves first. As always, Crina and Kirsten get real about the need to say, “no.”


Productivity Isn’t About Time Management. It’s About Attention Management.

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