37. Women Celebrating Women

Celebrating and honoring women is one of the most effective ways to ensure that more of us step up and engage in our work and our lives. In fact studies show that efforts to call out women’s contributions can have a profound impact on our willingness to lead and contribute.


Happy Fourth of July!  Not so fast . . .  July 4 is a complicated holiday for some Americans.  So our hosts decide to pole vault over the thicket of complicated feelings about the 4th and celebrate the contributions women of color have made to the amazing and beautiful quilt that is the American workplace.

This episode of Crina and Kirsten Get to Work is all about inspiration – and what we know from the research is that calling out, recognizing, acknowledging womens’ success in the workplace not only creates more willingness in the women acknowledged to take on bigger challenges, but does the same thing for the women around them.  So put on your jet pack, listener, you are on for a rocket fueled inspirational ride.

Dr. Mae Jemeson – the real life Buckaroo Bonzai, astronaut, physician, dancer and on a mission to send humans outside the solar system.  We can all learn from her life motto, “live deeply and look up.”

Fawn Sharp – Quinault Nation President and president of the North American Indian Congress.  Fawn is a leader among leaders who has used her leadership and the law to advance native people in the United States and to advocate for the protection of the land.

Dr. Alexa Canady – first black female neuroscientist, who made an incredible difference in the lives of the children she cared for – and she struggled with confidence at many points in her career.  She cites the mentors in her life for opening doors for her as a key to her success.

Rosalinda Guillen – farm worker organizer and head of the intentionally female-led organization, Community to Community. Rosalinda works for farm worker rights while she transforms our political relationships and our relationship to the land and the people who grow our food.

Janice Bryant Howroyd – owner of ActOne Group – a $3 billion dollar company located in 19 countries.  Her business philosophy came from her family of 13 – organization, respect and communication.

Yuri Kochiyama – interned in Arkansas after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, which she says was the beginning of her political awakening, she was influenced by Malcom X and spent her life working on civil rights issues.

Look at your story

What makes your life difficult?  Can you use it like Yuri Kochiyama?

Where is the opportunity in your life?  Maybe you can just look up and see it like Dr. Jemeson

Where do you have the opportunity to make change?  Maybe like Rosalinda Guillen, it is literally where you stand.

What is your contribution to work?

And enjoy this good stuff  . . .

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