38. How to Alienate Your Coworkers and Scar Your Employees For Life

Tons of humor and light-hearted commentary about the coworkers and bosses who make our lives miserable.

This show marks the one year anniversary of Crina and Kirsten Get to Work – and what a great and fun ride it has been!!  From KMRE Community Powered Radio to the Clubhouse, from Zoom and now from the barn – Crina and Kirsten Get to Work has been on the move and evolving.  Most important – thanks to our listeners – we appreciate you and what you contribute to your world and workplaces – and you ask great questions and make great comments.

Because it is our anniversary episode, we want to indulge ourselves and have a little fun calling out some folks who make our workplace miserable – and to laugh a bit and point some fingers – cuz every once in a while that feels good.  

Here are the co-workers who bug us . . . .

  • Co-workers who suck all of the joy out of the room and have nothing good to say or contribute
  • The know it all who uses information as an aggressive act in the workplace
  • Co-workers who form cliques and play favorites.
  • Co-workers who broker information and triangulate – and just anyone who uses communication as an offensive or defensive weapon.
  • Co-workers who don’t accept responsibility and worse, throw others under the bus to avoid being wrong
  • Co-workers who take up your time without a good reason (and it is not fun)
  • Co-workers who do not know anything about the people they work with 

And here are the Covid complaints  . . .

  • Co-workers who cannot get there mute on (or off)
  • Co-workers who refuse to turn on their video
  • Co-workers who behave in a way that makes us think their screen is frozen – we want active listeners!

And just because we can, here is what bugs us about bosses . . .

  • Bosses who act like everything is urgent
  • Bosses who continually change strategies and direction
  • Bosses who keep communication vague
  • Bosses who are never wrong
  • Bosses who take credit for your work
  • Bosses who micromanage us.

And Crina offers some helpful tips to make sure you are not one of these people.

  • Carve out observational time to observe how you interact with others in the workplace
  • Put yourself into new environments to get feedback – if you do some volunteer work and run into the same issues you run into at work, it may be you
  • If the circumstances are right and the environment is safe – ask for feedback from your co-workers.
  • Understand your own triggers and what causes you to behave in ways that alienates your co-workers and scars them for life – 🙂

Seriously, our listeners are perfect – and we hope you enjoy this episode with some light-hearted ribbing.