1: Do You Want to Be My Friend?

Having a friend at work is one of the most important ways to feel satisfied and supported at your job. Crina and Kirsten want you to invest in getting to know your coworkers so you can thrive at work!!


In this episode of Get To Work, Crina and Kirsten discuss the benefits and challenges of developing friendships in the workplace. They start by posing the question, “What does it mean for someone to be a ‘friend’?,” and our hosts get real with each other when discussing the vulnerability it takes to get to such a place in a relationship. Crina and Kirsten about how different age groups and different types of people approach workplace friendships differently.  

Some want to be friends with all their coworkers, and some view it as unprofessional.

According to Aristotle’s , there are three types of friendship — Utility, Pleasure, and of the Mutual Good (based on mutual appreciation). The hosts describe these types of friendships in depth, allowing some observation into others’ experiences and relationships within these categories. The three types involve different levels of trust and intimacy. Using examples from their own experience, Kirsten and Crina discuss how they’ve seen these types play out in the workplace. Crina and Kirsten have different perspectives on depth and quantity of friendships.

Our hosts discuss how one of the biggest predictors of your satisfaction in the workplace is whether or not you have a friend. Having someone you feel connected to in the workplace, influences happiness while working, but can also come with problems. One such issue is feeling left out when others have exhibited interconnectedness. Crina and Kirsten share instances in which they felt left out. Also shared are different ways they’ve seen others take initiative in developing workplace friendships, as well as the ways they’ve observed people set up boundaries.

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