2: The Real Deal: Authenticity in the Workplace

Can you bring your whole self to work? How much of the “real” you should you show to your coworkers. Join us as we explore the difference between authenticity and drama in the work place.


In this episode of Get To Work, Crina and Kirsten discuss authenticity in the workplace and whether it’s important and appropriate to bring your whole self to work.. Sometimes it may feel like being who we truly are at work is very challenging. We may feel like we have to separate ourselves, dividing our personalities into our ‘work-self’ and our ‘everything-else-self’ . This is a very common phenomenon – so we are not alone there. 

The two hosts share how studies have shown that people who are able to be more authentic at work are more satisfied and more productive. Bosses, managers, and other employees actually value authenticity in the workplace. However, there is a need for a line between what’s relevant or irrelevant for your work.

An additional advantage to being more authentic at work is that people will likely trust you more. People are drawn to people who are authentic, because they can trust them. Just assume the best when being more authentic – and watch how it develops into something beautiful.

Crina and Kirsten advise to trust the process. Bring your whole self, but don’t bring your whole drama. Be focused, genuine, and open your soul to vulnerability and establishing relations with your environment at work. What awaits you at the end of the whole process is an outcome that you will not even believe was possible – and one that will increase your happiness, satisfaction and joy in the workplace. 

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