10: How To Get What You Want

You will be more successful if you identify and ask for what you want. And when you articulate your needs, you give your boss an opportunity to keep you happy and retain you as an employee. Focus on your needs, get comfortable asking and find more meaning on the job.


In this episode of the Crina and Kirsten Get to Work podcast, hosts Crina and Kirsten discuss how women can get what they want in the workplace.  They suggest starting by getting clear about what you want by determining what they want and getting ready to ask for it in the most effective way negotiating for it.  They acknowledge that women’s voices are often not well represented or heard. Thus, women in the workplace will likely need to take clear, tenacious, confident steps in order to make their work experiences as satisfying, joyful, and rich as they desire them to be.

Crina and Kirsten discuss what must happen before a woman asks for change in her workplace; the woman must first determine what it is that you she wants.  Kirsten believes She should honor  her own preferences.  Be clear and pursue clarity about them, and know that asking for what she wants will provide her employer with the opportunity to create loyalty, retention, and longevity. This will also allow her employer to build business efficiency in managing well the valuable human resources of the company.  

What sorts of things can a woman ask for?  She can ask for a raise, a job title or description change, more or different benefits, a flexible schedule, training, ways to seek advancement  opportunities, physical modifications to the work space, challenging assignments and even such less tangible things as the consideration of her opinion and things that will make her feel effective safe at work.

After she has settled on what she wants, a woman should spend some time thinking about asking for it, and then actually ask. Crina and Kirsten talk through challenges that stand in the way of asking, such as fear and the difficulty of talking about money or self worth. Our hosts encourage women to be confident and willing to navigate conversations that are not as easy as they might hope.  They provide advice on how to prepare what to say, how to schedule a meeting with the appropriate decision-maker, to work to understand the perspective of the conversation partner, and to anticipate possible objections to their proposals. Given the cost of not asking and the potential for productive workplace change after asking, Crina and Kirsten are confident that women will benefit much from actively seeking the workplace change that they desire.

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