9: Let me introduce you to yourself

Being self aware can be a great gift to yourself and your coworkers, but are you being perceived accurately at work? What is your personal brand? Is it accurate? Is it helping you succeed or standing in your way?


In this episode of Crina and Kirsten Get To Work, your hosts Crina and Kirsten begin a discussion about who you are and what you are doing. This podcast has talked in depth about authenticity in the workplace. However, a part Crina and Kirsten feel they have not covered enough previously is who we are on the outside. How we perceive ourselves from the inside can differ significantly from this image that we impress on our environment.

Our hosts first encourage you to consider who you really are.  Sometimes we might be completely oblivious to our personality type, and doing some work to determine what kind of character and strengths we have can taking psychological tests can help us find out who we are and how others may perceive us. 

The hosts encourage us to consider how we react in particular situations.  Crina gives an example about how she responds. Even anecdotal evidence like how we act at a party when the music is too loud can give us good insight.  Crina says her response is to ask the host to turn down the music, while Kirsten reports that she would never be that direct. Finding out what kind of personality we have can help us ‘see’ ourselves from the outside. With this perception we can decide whether to keep qualities of ourselves, develop facets of ourselves further, or even accentuate, change and moderate certain elements so that they suit our idea of how we’d like to present ourselves to the outside world to allow us to present who we really are in a way that works for us and our workplace.

The more self-aware we are of who we are in the workplace – the more successful we can be.

Who we present in the workplace is our personal brand. In an ideal world, our personal brand and our internal world line up, thus allowing us to live an authentic life. However, over the course of time we find out new things about the people we work with and around us, we can also find out new things about ourselves in the same way. In order to find out what our personal brand is and what others perceive about us, self-reflection is a necessity. Be hyper aware of who you are in the workplace, what you want to be and use the best parts of yourself to create a positive brand and about what personal brand you want to create on your work, and try to avoid creating a negative one.

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