12: How to Rock Your Job

Crina and Kirsten put on their boss hats and share all the traits they value in an employee. Spoiler alert: the best employees are self aware and lovely to be around!


In this episode of Crina and Kirsten Get to Work, hosts Crina and Kirsten answer a simple question: what makes a good employee? Previously, they talked about how important it is for employees to identify and ask for those things that they need (or want) to make work meaningful, joyous, and fulfilling. As they discussed the importance of making those requests, one listener was intrigued to know whether there were other qualities that make a desirable worker. If you are asking yourself why another employee is having a better work experience than you are, it may be good to take Crina’s and Kirsten’s advice.

Crina and Kirsten start with the basics of being a great employee: show up on time, do the work you were hired to do, be engaged and be accountable. Then, they circle back to the importance of asking for things that you need to do your job and to do it well. More specifically, Crina and Kirsten call on employees to be truthful in their requests, as well as to pose potential solutions to any problems presented. In doing these things, you help your employer know how to ensure a satisfying work relationship with you. Other qualities a great employee has are positivity, appropriate curiosity, and the ability to keep work and personal life separate.

Our hosts also discuss the employer’s’ role in making a positive work environment for their direct reports. Employers should be intentional in finding out what their employees need. It is their responsibility to make space and time for their employees to express their concerns and   desires. Employers should They also must be secure and flexible to provide the opportunity for employees to come to creative solutions on their own.  Crina and Kirsten want women in the workplace to show up with their best selves – and ideally in a place where the employer or manager appreciates and encourages full participation.

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