13: Dealing With Assholes

We just want everyone to be kind to each other, but unfortunately that’s not always the case! In fact people are overtly and covertly mean and rude to each other all the time. The good news is that you don’t need to put up with it. Join us as we explore your options for dealing with assholes at work.


On Crina and Kirsten Get to Work, our dynamic duo talk about those folks who behave in a way that is out of line, beyond the pale and absolutely unacceptable – you know, assholes.  Crina shares a recent experience where she and her son encountered a terribly mean woman who was the motivation for this show.  While not in the workplace, this story launches our hosts into a discussion of these kinds of behaviors in the workplace and what you can do about it.  And you have to have a few laughs about this frustrating folks.

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