14: Your Money AND Your Life

Some people think money equals power, others think it’s the root of all evil and some see it as a something to save and protect. What are the stories you tell yourself about money? Are you spending, saving or investing? Learn how your money script can dictate the way you think about that paycheck!


Some people say that sex and money is where it all happens for us and where we meet up with our “stuff.”  Since Crina and Kirsten talk about work, they focus this episode MONEY.  What is your philosophy about money?  What is your money script – or what story do you tell yourself about money?  Are you someone who saves every penny or are you comfortable spending? Do you think money equals power? Is it the root of all evil or does it define you and your success? 

Crina and Kirsten also discuss how women are perceived as financial decision makers, what women think about their standard of living, investments and retirement.  

 Listen in as Crina and Kirsten tackle these issues head on while exploring their own relationships with money.






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