4: Build a Women’s network!

In a world where who you know is even more important than what you know, it’s vital that you build a strong network. Learn about how Crina and Kirsten have succeeded and struggled in their attempts to develop a “good ‘ole girls’ club” for themselves.


On this episode of Get To Work, Crina and Kirsten consider the importance of networking. Specifically, the challenges that women face when it comes to networking. Crina and Kirsten offer ways that listeners can engage those challenges. Our hosts begin the episode by sharing their own social media usage, or lack thereof. They discuss how social media can be one a tool for networking depending on where you are at in your career.

Crina and Kirsten discuss the ‘why’ and ‘how’ behind networking. Shocking to both hosts, 70% of people in 2016 were hired at a company where they already had a connection there. Additional statistics found that 80% of professionals consider networking to be one of the core components of their success; while 35% of folks say that a casual conversation with another person has led to a significant opportunity. Networking seems to be the “magic ingredient” to success. Crina talks about the networking challenges she faced while working for a non-profit and how she’s changed her strategy now that she’s a consultant. Going to events does not necessarily equate to making personal connections with people in the community.

Now, as a consultant, her entire business is based on networking; including utilizing the personal connections she’s made over the course of her career.

Kirsten and Crina discuss the challenges women specifically face in networking. These challenges include a woman being concerned that a networking opportunity with a man may be perceived as some sort of advance. Another is the would be a competition mindset that says there can only be so many women “at the top”. They suggest women-only networking circles as a solution to some of those challenges. Women should be more intentional about networking with other women. Kirsten tells a story about one of her networking failures, and our hosts finish by talking about the benefits of keeping a written list of people in your network.

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