5: It’s up to you, sister!

All women benefit when we support each other. This is especially true at work as women are demanding to be heard, competing for jobs, asking for promotions and battling for positions of leadership. Women supporting other women the key to all of our success.


In this episode of Get To Work, hosts Crina and Kirsten talk about lifting women up in the workplace, supporting and advancing each other, and punching the patriarchy in the face.

Crina talks about her new consulting firm, and how hard it is to deal with the lack of feedback she gets from being her own boss. She tells a story about running into one of her clients at the grocery store, and her client spoke some kind words and encouraged her in her work. It’s those acts of kindness and words of affirmation that energize your trajectory, and it shows the importance of being generous with your compliments.  This is the kind of support our hosts discuss in this episode on lifting each other up in the workplace.

Our hosts talk about the glass ceiling preventing women from entering leadership roles. They reference the study Women In The Workplace 2018 by LeanIn.org (click here). According to the study, women earn more bachelor’s degrees than men. Women were also found to be staying in the workplace just as long as men and they ask for raises and promotions as much as men. If all these things are true, how are women not promoted and hired as frequently? What are the barriers to climbing the ladder? Much of it is a result of gender discrimination and bias. Both men and women have can have this bias.

How can we help and support each other to counter the effects of discrimination in the workplace.  It’s women’s responsibility to lift each other up and help each other. Kirsten uses the women of the Obama administration as an example of women that do just that. It’s important to mentor other women or just be intentional with developing relationships with other women in your workplace.

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