6: What is your professional mindset? Scarcity vs. Abundance in the workplace.

Your mindset determines your experience at work. When you encounter problems at work, do you feel stuck or do you feel like you have options? Are you constantly reacting or do you feel like you’re in the driver’s seat? Do you experience joy or are you frequently upset? Are you seeing your job from an abundance perspective or are you mired in scarcity?


This episode of Get To Work is about finding your own professional mindset. Many find it hard to accept that we have control of our own mindset. In this episode, Crina and Kirsten tell you how you can not only identify yours, but develop it to help you better reach your goals.

Crina and Kirsten’s discussion of professional mindsets centers around the idea of scarcity vs. abundance, not as it is related just to money, but in the opportunities you have around you. Crina and Kirsten share how these mindsets manifest themselves in the workplace and impact work. For an abundant mindset, you need to see possibilities, have big ideas, be able to stretch these ideas, and find the time to accomplish them. People with a scarcity mindset have few ideas, see few opportunities and are often scared by change in their professional life. Our hosts mention that you should consider whether you are proactive vs. reactionary, are you happy or are you resentful, do you see solutions or road blocks, or do you create energy in a room or do you drain it. Take time to reflect on how you engage in your life.

The biggest factor that we have control over in the workplace is our own mindset. Reflect and be aware of your mindset. We can choose to let go of our limited or scarcity mindset and cultivate and abundance mindset to open ourselves up to more possibilities and find how much more we’re capable of in the workplace.

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