8: Horrible Bosses

Bosses come in all varieties, but one thing is clear: Women are fed up with the behaviors of their terrible bosses. Whether they’re taking credit for your work or dismissing your opinion in meetings, a boss who devalues you can ruin your work experience. Instead of putting up with this, it might be time to make an exit plan!


In this episode of Get To Work, your hosts, Crina and Kirsten, discuss bad and horrible bosses. A few characteristics that typically marks a bad boss are micromanagement, macromanagement, failure to communicate with staff, not being solution oriented, or being all about oneself.

There are so many difficult behaviors that characterize bad bosses that BambooHR has created a Bad Boss Index (click here). Some traits of horrible bosses that were found were:  having a condescending attitude, having a mean or bad temper, inappropriate behavior, micromanaging and harassment of ing the employees. An interesting finding in from their research was that women are more annoyed by horrible bosses about most behaviors than men, except for a few noted specific behaviors that seem to set off men more. But altogether, what made people the angriest was when someone took credit for their work.

In general, all behaviors that make employees feel devalued are characteristic of terrible  bosses. If you find yourself in such a situation, Crina and Kirsten offer solutions. Some people may decide to leave the the current toxic situation. If so, create your exit plan, but in the meantime do your very best work but still do the best work you can. They suggest the mindset you have to have is to create the best springboard to for your next job. And in the meantime, document your experience. Journaling allows you to track your experiences and make decisions with the best information.  Crina and Kirsten offer strategies to deal with horrible bosses.  These will enable you to improve yourself, your position, and figure out whether you were right at the time. And if you found yourself as the boss doing the above – please stop immediately.

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Check out the BambooHR’s Bad Boss Index (click here)

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