Burnout is still an issue for so many of our listeners. In fact burnout is so pervasive that over seventy-five percent of the workforce is currently, or has previously experienced it.  As a refresher, it feels like depletion, exhaustion, disconnection, negative emotions and reduced capacity…sound familiar?  You’re not alone! 

Friendship at Work


Friendships at work make you feel better about your job, more creative, able to solve problems more quickly and so much happier. Having friends of any kind–from casual acquaintances to besties–will lead to more ease, meaning and joy in your job and in your life, not to mention help you feel less lonely in this crazy world!

What To Wear?

Two women having fun discussing what to wear at work

OMG…Who doesn’t love talking about clothes? Not only does that outfit make you look super cute (yes, we’re talking to you, friend!) your clothes affect your feelings, how your job performance,the environment, and other working women! Clothes are another opportunity to make choices about how we live in and show up in the world.  We … Read more

Workplace Norms:

Two women hold podcast microphones and discuss workplace norms in their podcast for women

Workplace norms are those rules, behaviors and ways of going that define how we work together.  When teams discuss and define their norms, they create safe workplaces for folks to succeed. When we are unaware of our workplace norms, we can fall prey to unspoken rules about professionalism, duty, work, etc that are difficult to … Read more