Burnout is still an issue for so many of our listeners. In fact burnout is so pervasive that over seventy-five percent of the workforce is currently, or has previously experienced it.  As a refresher, it feels like depletion, exhaustion, disconnection, negative emotions and reduced capacity…sound familiar?  You’re not alone! 

Belonging at Work

When we talk about belonging at work, it means we feel seen for our unique contributions, connected to our coworkers, supported in our daily work and career development and proud of our organization’s values and purpose. When we feel a sense of belonging at work, we are more likely to stay, to be engaged, to be loyal, to be proud, to be better at our jobs and to experience psychological safety. 

Success is Within Your Reach

Are you motivated to achieve the objective markers of success in your career such as money, power and status? Perhaps you are seeking more subjective things such as challenging work, recognition or autonomy. Regardless of how you define success, the way to achieve it is through deep personal work, commitment and grit.  SHOW NOTES What … Read more

Fear Is A Powerful Teacher

Woman comforting her friend

Fear has the power to motivate us to act; educate us about who we are; inspire us to change; and provide us with so very many opportunities to find ease, meaning and joy.  SHOW NOTES Today on Crina and Kirsten Get to Work, we are talking about FEAR!!  We can do this together – pour … Read more