When you are overwhelmed, you are experiencing intense emotions you don’t have the capacity to fully manage or process. Most people are overwhelmed by negative emotions, like anxiety, fear, anger or shame. These feelings leave little room to figure out what is the next best step.  When we are overwhelmed, performing every-day tasks is difficult – and it compromises our ability to act rationally, remember things, solve problems or think. 

Imposter Syndrome

Female, motivational podcasters near at the camera while thinking about imposter syndrome

Your success and achievement is the result of your efforts, talents and skills–not luck! So why do many of us still feel like we don’t belong, or even worse, don’t deserve the kudos, rewards, titles and positions that we possess? The answer: Imposter Syndrome.   Imposter syndrome was “discovered” in the 1970s by two psychologists, Pauline Rose … Read more

Self Sabotage

Two working women look in the distance as they consider self sabotage at work

Barriers to success exist everywhere, even inside your head! When you act, or fail to act, in your best interest, you’re actually sabotaging yourself. In this motivational podcast, we discover our very own saboteurs and the many ways to get them out of the driver’s seat. SHOW NOTES Self – sabotage is where we undermine … Read more