Why You Procrastinate


Procrastination is not just the act of delaying an action, it’s unnecessarily postponing things in a way that doesn’t make sense, and may even cause you harm. Sound familiar? Of course it does! Turns out that 95% of us admit to procrastinating (and the other 5% are probably lying).

Belonging at Work

When we talk about belonging at work, it means we feel seen for our unique contributions, connected to our coworkers, supported in our daily work and career development and proud of our organization’s values and purpose. When we feel a sense of belonging at work, we are more likely to stay, to be engaged, to be loyal, to be proud, to be better at our jobs and to experience psychological safety. 

Imposter Syndrome

Female, motivational podcasters near at the camera while thinking about imposter syndrome

Your success and achievement is the result of your efforts, talents and skills–not luck! So why do many of us still feel like we don’t belong, or even worse, don’t deserve the kudos, rewards, titles and positions that we possess? The answer: Imposter Syndrome.   Imposter syndrome was “discovered” in the 1970s by two psychologists, Pauline Rose … Read more

Self Sabotage

Two working women look in the distance as they consider self sabotage at work

Barriers to success exist everywhere, even inside your head! When you act, or fail to act, in your best interest, you’re actually sabotaging yourself. In this motivational podcast, we discover our very own saboteurs and the many ways to get them out of the driver’s seat. SHOW NOTES Self – sabotage is where we undermine … Read more

Workplace Performance Anxiety

Two women look anxiously at the camera

Workplace performance anxiety can strike when you least expect it: in front of a microphone; in a meeting; when dealing with a difficult customer; even during workplace social events. Feeling afraid about your ability to perform a task undermines your success, impacts your team, makes you irritable, and impacts your ability to create meaningful relationships.  … Read more

What’s Your Problem?

Female podcasters laugh into microphones and think about how to solve problems at work

Every day is fraught with problems large and small. From feeling “stuck” on a project, to tackling a major meltdown, you are likely solving problems all day, every day. How do you know if you’re hitting the mark? What’s your process to find the best solution? Are you inspiring creativity or simply checking the boxes? … Read more

When “Blah” Is As Good As It Gets,

Two motivational podcasters look sad while contemplating the concept of languishing at work

When you describe your mood as “blah,” “meh,” “decent, but not great,” you might be LANGUISHING, which can dampen your mood, impact your work and conflict with your ability to experience ease, meaning and joy! In the last few years, the feeling of languishing has been pervasive and profound, especially for women. But there is … Read more

Success is Within Your Reach

Are you motivated to achieve the objective markers of success in your career such as money, power and status? Perhaps you are seeking more subjective things such as challenging work, recognition or autonomy. Regardless of how you define success, the way to achieve it is through deep personal work, commitment and grit.  SHOW NOTES What … Read more