How to Rock Your Job

Crina and Kirsten put on their boss hats and share all the traits they value in an employee. Spoiler alert: the best employees are self aware and lovely to be around! SHOW NOTES In this episode of Crina and Kirsten Get to Work, hosts Crina and Kirsten answer a simple question: what makes a good … Read more

The Crushing Burden

It’s time to release yourself from the crushing burden of guilt as you juggle work, family and community. SHOW NOTES In this episode of the Crina and Kirsten Get to Workpodcast, hosts Crina and Kirsten discuss “the crushing burden” that often weighs on working women as they find themselves navigating work responsibilities along with community … Read more

Horrible Bosses

Bosses come in all varieties, but one thing is clear: Women are fed up with the behaviors of their terrible bosses. Whether they’re taking credit for your work or dismissing your opinion in meetings, a boss who devalues you can ruin your work experience. Instead of putting up with this, it might be time to … Read more

Mr. Magoo

Being “blissfully unaware” is not blissful for your coworkers. In fact people who are unconsciously incompetent run the risk of bringing down the whole team. Do you have a coworker who doesn’t seem to “get it?” Have you ever worked with someone who was totally clueless? What “stage of competence” are you operating in?  SHOW … Read more

Build a Women’s Network!

In a world where who you know is even more important than what you know, it’s vital that you build a strong network. Learn about how Crina and Kirsten have succeeded and struggled in their attempts to develop a “good ‘ole girls’ club” for themselves. SHOW NOTES On this episode of Get To Work, Crina … Read more

Are you Engaged (at Work)?

Are you one of the millions of workers who is disengaged at work? Do you spend more time shopping for shoes online, planning your next vacation or flirting with your coworkers than you do on productive projects? It’s time to break the cycle and start investing in your career! Show Notes In this episode of … Read more