Rest Requires a Revolution

Our Western culture has created a focus on work and accomplishment — to the detriment of our physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being.  Instead, we offer that each and every one of us need… deserve… or rather, should demand more rest and relaxation.


As the end of the year approaches, many of us turn our attention to defining our next big achievement; new areas of focus; things we want to check off our list next year. But what if goal-setting isn’t everything it’s cracked up to be? 

Why You Procrastinate


Procrastination is not just the act of delaying an action, it’s unnecessarily postponing things in a way that doesn’t make sense, and may even cause you harm. Sound familiar? Of course it does! Turns out that 95% of us admit to procrastinating (and the other 5% are probably lying).

Belonging at Work

When we talk about belonging at work, it means we feel seen for our unique contributions, connected to our coworkers, supported in our daily work and career development and proud of our organization’s values and purpose. When we feel a sense of belonging at work, we are more likely to stay, to be engaged, to be loyal, to be proud, to be better at our jobs and to experience psychological safety. 

Toxic Workplaces

Workplace culture is created by the people on your team, your leaders, and the written and unwritten rules that guide behavior. When these “norms” result in feeling psychologically unsafe or they get in the way of your being effective, it is toxic.   Adam Grant says there are two fundamental tensions in organizational culture – the … Read more

Workplace Gossip

Workplace gossip happens everywhere, so it’s about time we learned how to do it well! Let’s face it–gossip helps us build relationships, understand norms, address bad behavior, and have fun! Unfortunately, gossip has gotten a bad rap…until now. SHOW NOTES Researchers define gossip as “talking about someone who is not present” and, according to research, … Read more

Imposter Syndrome

Female, motivational podcasters near at the camera while thinking about imposter syndrome

Your success and achievement is the result of your efforts, talents and skills–not luck! So why do many of us still feel like we don’t belong, or even worse, don’t deserve the kudos, rewards, titles and positions that we possess? The answer: Imposter Syndrome.   Imposter syndrome was “discovered” in the 1970s by two psychologists, Pauline Rose … Read more